Are you Smart Enough To Make More Money?

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Are You Smart Enough?

Hi my friend, welcome to my website. I hope that you will find the content on my website very interesting at the very least.

Did I perhaps strike a nerve when posing the intriguing question: Are you smart enough to make more money?

Well, does being smart have anything to do really with making more money or is it knowledge about how to make more money that counts?

The reality is that highly talented and educated people may be walking the street with their degrees and qualifications with out being able to get a job.

A person can be either over qualified or one can have all the necessary qualifications and lack the experience which can be quite frustrating. How can one get experience if you are not given the opportunity to gain experience from being employed, right?

That is a dilemma that a lot of people have to deal with when getting started in their career.

This page on my website should provide you with some insight to the working environment scenario: Reality Check Stop Getting Poop On You

Why Should You Be More Smart Than Other People?

Which bring me to the question: Why should one be smart enough to make more money other from your job if you are fortunate to have one?

I can think of a couple reasons why one should be smart enough to make more money other than just to earn a salary.

Lets look at a couple reasons just of the top of my head:

1.  Cost of living expenses keep increasing

2.  To pay off debt

3.  Being able to provide a better quality of life for yourself and your family

4.  Being able to sustain your lifestyle should you loose your job from being retrenched, or from injury, disability to work or from illness

These are some good reasons why you should be smart enough to make more money.

But how?

Let me ask you another question:

Who do you know who gets rewarded for just being online doing what they normally do?

I mean, somebody that just check their email for example?


That play games online?

A Growing Trend Online Today!

It is a known fact by myself and some of my colleagues that there is a growing trend online at the moment. More and more people are going online to play games.

I have inside information for you my friend. Do you think that people would be interested in playing games and then also get rewarded for doing so in the form of Cash and other prizes?

More to the point Would you think that it would be smart to get paid for doing what you normally do online anyway?

Are you currently being rewarded in the form of cash or prizes for socializing online on Facebook, for watching Youtube Videos, for playing games, searching on Google or for checking your email?

Well, if you are not being rewarded for doing so, then I guess you are not that smart after all

or are you?

I know something that you do not know at this point in time: The Smart Thing To Do would be to watch this short 3 Minute and One Second Video to see how smart people make more money merely for doing what they are already doing online.

Oh, before I forget, here is a FREE gift to you that you can have lots of fun and valuable extras from plus you stand the chance to win some great prizes. Yes and it is Free Forever!

How would you like to win $250 / $500 Netbooks, ipods, holidays and many other great prizes?

All that you need to do is look at:

My short 2 minute video will explain to you exactly how to get the cash and other great prizes.

I trust that you are smart and that you would like to be rewarded daily for doing what you are already doing online. It just makes sense that you would want to be rewarded and not loose out as the other people are loosing out that do not know about this.

Be smart and check out the links on this page that I have shared with you.

It is good to have a Plan B in place, That is just plain and simple smart planning for your future.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know if you are getting rewarded for doing what you are normally doing online.

It would be great if you would kindly share this information with a friend. We need to help people to get the most from being online and to have a Plan B for their future.

This is more than just creating a better future financially from doing what you are normally doing. The Magazine that is in digital form will share with you some great articles about what is to come in the not too distant future. You will find the link to the Magazine at the top right hand side of my website.


Bernardus Diedericks


Skype ID  bernardus.diedericks


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Bernardus Diedericks

I am Bernardus Jacobus Diedericks from South Africa, I was born in 1975. My hobby is to repair antique clocks. It is a skill that I learned from my late father whom the East London community knew as Father Time. My father and I collected antiques ranging from a post card upwards. We had one of the largest private collections in the Border area. I have a Shodan in Martial arts, Goju Kai. I love to swim, walk at the beach, cycle and cruise on the highway with my motorcycle or Valliant VIP 1973 for fun. Working from home in my own time and helping people increase their finances is appealing to me. My passion is to teach people to duplicate what I do which is to be able to earn a consistent income online and if they wish too, also show other people how to do the same. All the Glory to God for my health and for the people that He brought my way to be able to help. GET PAID LIKE GOOGLE, YOU TUBE, FACEBOOK ETC. MORE INFORMATION BELOW: That being said.... Who do you know who goes online to search with Google, go online to watch videos, play games or to connect with family and friends on social sites? Why? Because generally you do not get paid to do so. I can show you a short 3 minute video that will show you how you can be rewarded with prizes and cash for just doing what you normally do online, like checking your email, watching videos, visiting social sites or for merely just playing games. Short 3 minute and 1 second video: My goal in life is to help as many people reach better financial security and health as possible. There is not much that one can do if you do not have the moola to do it with. So that is the first little hurdle that I can help you to overcome quite easily without breaking the bank. It is best if you view the short but value packed 3 minute and 1 second video to have a clearer picture of how you could be earning money like the search engines and some of the popular social site are doing to make Billions of Dollar. The video can be viewed here: Some of my friends have made a decent income online with in the last couple months from knowing what you will soon discover from watching the video. If you want to earn consistently as numerous of my friends are earning daily just like I am earning, then just send an email to me at: and I will be in touch with you as soon as possible. To your massive success!

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